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8 strangers, 8 points of view, 1 wallpaper


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President Ashton is killed a few seconds after his arrival in Spain and the place that had to be a party becomes a chaos. From then, during the movie we'll see the event from 8 different points of view which will lead us to know the real truth behind the assassination.

Those 15 minutes prior and the seconds after the shooting are very important, and when you mix all points of view of the people who were there you feel how the assassination was perpetrated.

A very good movie starred by actors like Eduardo Noriega, Forest Whitaker or Dennis Quaid.

Finally, the poster of the movie is amazing and that's what we offer you today, a good wallpaper featuring the official poster of the movie. Download Vantage Point Wallpaper and have an amazing wallpaper on your desktop.
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